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Facebook functionality changes Live

Facebook has deprecated an API that we relied on to provide our customers with certain pieces of content. As a result, ScribbleLive (along with all software providers who gave users access to this content) has lost some functionality.

Let us explain.

What we’re losing
Facebook has deprecated v1.0 of Graph API. This is version of the API that we use when you search for public posts in the ScribbleLive back end. There have always been issues in what this API would return—inconsistent and low-quality content being most pertinent. Now, Facebook will be shutting off access to this content indefinitely. 

When this API is deprecated, there will be no way to access public posts from Facebook. As a result, ScribbleLive will be removing Facebook Standard Search and Facebook Autopost capabilities on April 16. Losing this API means that this functionality will be lost across the entire ecosystem of software providers; it is not specific to ScribbleLive.

What we’re keeping (& a sneak peak at what we’re adding!)
Good news is that we are retaining the features we think provide the most value to our customers. You will still be able to search for content and comments posted to a Page and you will still be able to push your ScribbleLive content out to a Facebook Page.

by Belinda Alzner

We are always working to improve our functionality with our third-party providers such as Facebook so that we can provide the most holistic sources of content for our customers. We also have plans in the works that would give you the ability to promote ScribbleLive content across multiple channels—including Facebook!—and measure it within our systems, for a holistic view of your social media. Stay tuned for that. 

To recap:
ScribbleLive will retain the following functionality that you know (and hopefully love):
  • Page search (posts & comments)
  • Comments by URL
  • Facebook Sharing (front-end)
  • App Settings (ability to add a stream to a Facebook page)

ScribbleLive will be losing the following functionality:
  • Facebook ‘Standard’ search
  • Facebook ‘My Public Posts’ search
  • Facebook autopost (query by keyword or hashtag)

We have a lot of great things coming this year that we are super excited to share with you, so keep an eye and ear out for that! In terms of this announcement, though if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact your client success manager. (csm at scribblelive dot com)


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