Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

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Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

On Content

Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

Whether you're looking for tips on how to take your content engagement to the next level, or just how to use ScribbleLive more effectively—we've got your back.

  • In any piece of content, you have the ability to set a category. When used correctly (i.e. don’t treat your categories as tags!), they can provide structure to your content that can prove valuable—these categories can be used to not only organize your content but to measure, optimize and build on what’s working.

    Check out our guidelines, scenarios and best practices around measuring and optimizing with categories. 

  • Did you know you can drag and drop content already published in your streams into an advanced post to repurpose it? It's true!

    Think: Posts you want to highlight, embedded content you want to add context to—all reasons you should take full advantage of the Advanced writing area's ability to drag and drop to create beautiful, engaging content. 

    by Belinda Alzner

  • When you embed content on your site from an external source, often you'll be asked to set the width and height, in pixels. Fixing the pixels, though, can make for a mobile nightmare, as—to put it simply—phone and tablet screens are far smaller than the typical desktop. 

    Enter auto-sized embeds: ScribbleLive allows you to create embeds that auto-scale width and height to fit the content to where you've embedded it, meaning they'll adjust size as needed—such as when viewed on desktop vs. mobile. 

    by Belinda Alzner

  • When you’re on the go, it’s important that your content production be able to go with you. ScribbleLive has apps for iOS and Android available for free in their respective app stores. 

    From the ScribbleLive mobile app, you can...
    • Access basic event management (setup, start/close, commenting on/off)
    • Write basic text posts 
    • Create original media (photo, video, audio) or upload media from library
    • Tweet + Post 
    • Edit, delete and stick content
    • Moderate comments and discussions
    • Search and publish content from Twitter. 
    When you open the app, you'll be prompted to log in to your ScribbleLive account.  
    You can access basic stream management controls from the app. 
    Using the app, you can access the streams you've created or have been invited to participate in, as well as all of the streams in your account.   
    Creating text posts is as easy as typing and hitting "Post." 
    Multimedia can be posted to your stream from the app. If connected to Wifi, you can record video or audio in-app as well as choose media files from your device's library.  
    Comments and discussion posts can be approved or denied.  
    Double tap on a post to open up a menu that will allow you to edit, delete or stick a post to the top of your event. 
    To search content on Twitter, open up the left menu tab and select "Search Twitter."
    You can do a search for keywords or hashtags on Twitter and filter this search to include only verified accounts, to include retweets and to include only tweets containing photos. The results will show above and just press the + button to add them to your stream.  

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    Looking for full functionality? Using an tablet? Log in to ScribbleLive from your mobile browser and access advanced tools such as social curation, LiveArticle, slideshows and real-time analytics. 
  • On raw feeds and the power of preparation

    Around these parts, we love raw feeds. What is a raw feed, you ask?! Why, a raw feed is a stream that lives solely in the back-end of ScribbleLive; it is not connected to a white label or embedded anywhere, providing you a prep area in which to get your content ready for showtime. When you're ready for it, you simply select content from a raw feed to publish to a public-facing stream. 

    When are they useful? 
    • Bios. Think: live chat guests, conference speakers, athletes, etc.
    • Canned responses to questions you may receive in a Q&A 
    • Explainers/backgrounders/context. Prepare this in advance and make your real-time content as robust as it can be.
    • Presentation slides. If you're doing live content around a presentation, you can upload the slides in advance to publish them when the time comes.
    • Social feed. Auto-follow five Twitter users and be able to sift through each of their tweets, picking and choosing what to publish.
    Any other use cases that you use raw feeds for? Comment below and let us know. 
  • The evolution of a breaking news story: Apple product launch

    Each year come fall, Apple releases a new iPhone, and the world drools over every finite detail. To serve the readers that want-to-know-first with those that just want to know, Fast Company paired its live coverage of the keynote with an evolving overview of key highlights. They launched the overview ahead of their event with links to relevant stories, and maintained it throughout the product launch with fresh headlines, facts and photos. Readers landing on the page mid-event could see a real-time a recap of the most relevant info, making it easier to navigate the live tick tock coverage the FC was producing while also ensuring readers understand the most important bits of the story (price, release date, specs, and, of course, photos of the much-anticipated watch). The overview also replaced the need to produce the typical write-through; FC simply linked to all the post-event stories their team created to keep one main hub for all things Apple.

    Here's a look at how the live page overview changed throughout the event

    Pre-event promotion included an email reminder, details of what readers should expect and who would be producing the coverage.
    Pre-event page continued: note how FC leverages background stories via links.
    The first change to the overview happened moments into the event launch, when reporters confirmed there would be two versions of the iPhone 6.
    In addition to updating the text, an editor added new photos to the slideshow as soon as they became available.
    by dana
    The overview got more specific as the event went on, and focused on rumors either realized or squashed, as well as key details readers want the most (price, size, release date)
    by dana
    When the keynote discussion spent some time dissecting the iPhone's new camera, editors added a photo above the slideshow to draw readers' attention to it
    by dana
    When the much-anticipated watch was revealed, it took over the top spot from the camera photo.
    by dana
    As more watch photos became available, the top photo was removed and made the first photo in the slideshow, encouraging readers to flip through the various images.
    by dana
    This is what readers saw when they clicked to the second page of the slideshow -- FC knew readers wanted lots of pictures of the watch, so they put them at the front of the slideshow (rather than at the back)
    by dana
    This became the third image; meanwhile more info about the watch was offered below
    by dana
    By the end of the event, readers could see what would become the final write-through, which was updated with links. Note that there's now 17 photos in that slideshow; each was added in real time.
    by dana

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    by dana via Reporterly edited by Belinda Alzner 10/27/2014 6:51:50 PM

  • On November 10th we’ll be making some changes to improve access to all of ScribbleLive’s powerful content engagement tools. This update is important as it lays the groundwork for exciting new product enhancements we'll be making in the future. We know that change can sometimes be unwelcome, but rest assured all of the great, live-publishing functionality remains the same. Here, take a look. 

    by Belinda Alzner

    For more info, check out our blog post outlining the changes and sign up for a webinar in which one of our training specialists can walk you through the changes. 

  • One of the things that changed when we updated our UI this week was where you close your streams from. This now lives on the Stream Setup page.
  • Why you should use LiveArticle

    We all love real-time updates, of course.
    Thanks to ScribbleLive, readers and watchers can follow an unfolding story directly on your website, and writers can integrate different media content: text, images, tweets, Instagram pictures and more. 

    In this scenario, it is even more important to provide context for your audience: with a clear and always-updated introduction we can make sure that the key information is always at the top of the stream of bites and updates. We invented the LiveArticle exactly for this purpose. LiveArticle allows you to create this context above the live-updating content of a stream. See 

    Here's how to create a Live Article

    How to access the LiveArticle functionalities when you are logged in a stream 

    5 ways you can use LiveArticle

    1. Offer a summary of your coverage, either if the stream is closed or if it is an always-on stream.
    2. Add links to additional resources or feature stories.
    3. Create a "best of" that engages your audience.
    4. Introduce the guests of a live chat or the reporters that are covering an event from the field.
    5. Outline your call to action, explaining the guidelines for user engagement (how to make comments, how to send email comments, request User Generated Content)

    What does it look like? Here's how Fast Company uses LiveArticle throughout an unfolding event. Share with us how you use LiveArticle by commenting below!

  • Working on creating content across a variety of streams - and streams that are all somehow related? 

    Trying to manage team collaboration, while creating engaging content across a number of related content experiences or events? 

    Want to schedule and promote all those related streams using Social channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? 

    Like to know how those Social channels amplifications are working?

    by Marty D

    ScribbleLive's Projects. Helping you keep your editorial sanity intact, your digital publishing plan on track - all the while, showing you how well your Social promotions really are working (or not).

  • Looking to easily curate some of your brand or organization's Social content - maybe even while you're sleeping?

    Want to fully leverage and optimize that hashtag campaign you're running? 

    In the market to figure out how to feed only some of the tweets from your corporate Twitter account to your live stream?

    ScribbleLive can help . . . Help you automate the process. 

    And by using the ScribbleLive platform, its Social Automation feature and its filters, you can also make sure that all the ...'digital garbage'...doesn't end up in your stream and littering your Web property.

    First, from your stream's left sidebar menu, click Automate > Twitter. 
    This is the Twitter automation screen. Here you can auto-follow Twitter accounts and hashtags and apply filters to the tweets being auto-published to your stream (A.K.A. experience or event.) You can use the Automate feature to do the same with Instagram and stuff too. 
    At the bottom left of the automation screen are the filters. You can filter out tweets that contain URLs, uppercase tweets, Re-tweets, tweets with question marks and/or tweets with particular words (or a particular number of words.)
    You can be a little bossy with your social content automation too. If you use these two fields on the lower right side of the Automate screen, you can insist that a tweet must have a certain word or words in it to be pulled into your stream. 
    By default, filters only apply to keywords or hashtags being auto-published. However, by clicking this checkmark, you can apply these filters to the users being followed as well. Finally, at the bottom of the page, click "Save Filter" to save your auto-follow settings, or "Reset Filter (Default)" to undo changes you've made.   
    For example: Here we are auto-following @Scribble_Marty's tweets, but we have specified that his tweets will only be published automatically to our stream if they contain the word sandwiches.


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    Friendly learning nudge: Click on any of the individual images, to get a more focused view of the slide.
  • ScribbleLive's Projects feature makes for easy and effective organization of related streams, team collaboration and content publication and amplification scheduling and measurement. 

    Add to all that; using Projects is a breeze. 

    Let's start learning about putting Projects to work for us, by getting introduced to navigating into and around a Project.

    by Marty D
  • Got a few png files you want to leverage? Maybe a jpg - or twenty? Perhaps a few dozen mp4's? 

    No problem. ScribbleLive's new Collections feature makes managing, sharing and publishing your own visual content as easy as one-two-three.

    by Marty D

  • Wondering if it's difficult to create a new Collection and then add digital assets to it?

    Nope. Not at all. Have a look.

  • Have some digital assets in one Collection that you'd like to copy to another Collection? Or maybe you got images or videos you want to move altogether?

    Want to publish images or video straight from a Collection to an event? Or, already in the Stream editor and want to grab a few assets from a Collection?

    Two words.

    No problem. Easy peasy. Click Play.

  • Looking to collect and manage images and videos uploaded to your ScribbleLive event by your audience?

    Hoping there's a way to do that . . . without any muss or fuss?

    Rest assured, we've got your back.

    And we've got your audience-fed Collections feature too.

  • How many times have you found yourself wishing you could go back to that conversation you had just ten minutes ago; to add that perfect quip or zingy one-liner? Share that super-smart insight? Use just the right word or term?

    We all know the feeling, right?

    But there's no going back . . . to tweak or perfect what's already been said.

    Except, if you're a ScribbleLive customer.

    Because now you can turn the clock back. Literally. ​

    And make that content conversation flow just right.

  • UGC. User-Generated Content. Inviting your audience to share and be a part of the conversation.

    It's nothing but digital goodness.

    But we all want digital peace of mind too. To know what the terms and conditions of content use are, right?

    Now you, and your audience can have exactly that.

    ScribbleLive Engage clients can now enable Rights Management settings for UGC. When this feature is enabled, your audience will be asked to read and agree to your custom "Terms & Conditions" (T&C), prior to proceeding with any of that delicious digital sharing.

    A little more about ScribbleLive's T&C feature:

    • By clicking on the "Rights Management" section on the Global Settings page, your Engage platform Admins can customize the T&C text and then activate this option 
    • The T&C text added here will appear for all associated client Streams & Pinboards that have our 'Upload' function turned ON for.
    • Once enabled, your audience will be prompted to read the Terms & Conditions and check the I agree box before they will be able to upload any content. 

    Digital content sharing peace of mind.
     Now just a few clicks away . . .

    UGC Peace of Mind, for One and All 
  • Ever wish your audience could share ScribbleLive content to LinkedIn?

    Ever hear the expression, "Your wishes can come true"?

    Well, now they have.

    The Getting-Down-to-Business Details:

    • On each post (or "content atom") living on your ScribbleLive digital event, there's now a LinkedIn icon (alongside the other sharing options)
    • Your audience can now share the entire Stream or a single post to LinkedIn
    • Note: Although we do not currently track the LinkedIn shares metrics in Enterprise, but do have plans to soon add this functionality
    ScribbleLive . . . always helping you increase the size of the top of your content marketing funnel.

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