Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

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Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

On Content


Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

  • On raw feeds and the power of preparation

    Around these parts, we love raw feeds. What is a raw feed, you ask?! Why, a raw feed is a stream that lives solely in the back-end of ScribbleLive; it is not connected to a white label or embedded anywhere, providing you a prep area in which to get your content ready for showtime. When you're ready for it, you simply select content from a raw feed to publish to a public-facing stream. 

    When are they useful? 
    • Bios. Think: live chat guests, conference speakers, athletes, etc.
    • Canned responses to questions you may receive in a Q&A 
    • Explainers/backgrounders/context. Prepare this in advance and make your real-time content as robust as it can be.
    • Presentation slides. If you're doing live content around a presentation, you can upload the slides in advance to publish them when the time comes.
    • Social feed. Auto-follow five Twitter users and be able to sift through each of their tweets, picking and choosing what to publish.
    Any other use cases that you use raw feeds for? Comment below and let us know. 
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