Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

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Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

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Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

  • Why you should use LiveArticle

    We all love real-time updates, of course.
    Thanks to ScribbleLive, readers and watchers can follow an unfolding story directly on your website, and writers can integrate different media content: text, images, tweets, Instagram pictures and more. 

    In this scenario, it is even more important to provide context for your audience: with a clear and always-updated introduction we can make sure that the key information is always at the top of the stream of bites and updates. We invented the LiveArticle exactly for this purpose. LiveArticle allows you to create this context above the live-updating content of a stream. See 

    Here's how to create a Live Article

    How to access the LiveArticle functionalities when you are logged in a stream 

    5 ways you can use LiveArticle

    1. Offer a summary of your coverage, either if the stream is closed or if it is an always-on stream.
    2. Add links to additional resources or feature stories.
    3. Create a "best of" that engages your audience.
    4. Introduce the guests of a live chat or the reporters that are covering an event from the field.
    5. Outline your call to action, explaining the guidelines for user engagement (how to make comments, how to send email comments, request User Generated Content)

    What does it look like? Here's how Fast Company uses LiveArticle throughout an unfolding event. Share with us how you use LiveArticle by commenting below!
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