Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

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Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

On Content


Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

  • Looking to easily curate some of your brand or organization's Social content - maybe even while you're sleeping?

    Want to fully leverage and optimize that hashtag campaign you're running? 

    In the market to figure out how to feed only some of the tweets from your corporate Twitter account to your live stream?

    ScribbleLive can help . . . Help you automate the process. 

    And by using the ScribbleLive platform, its Social Automation feature and its filters, you can also make sure that all the ...'digital garbage'...doesn't end up in your stream and littering your Web property.

    First, from your stream's left sidebar menu, click Automate > Twitter. 
    This is the Twitter automation screen. Here you can auto-follow Twitter accounts and hashtags and apply filters to the tweets being auto-published to your stream (A.K.A. experience or event.) You can use the Automate feature to do the same with Instagram and stuff too. 
    At the bottom left of the automation screen are the filters. You can filter out tweets that contain URLs, uppercase tweets, Re-tweets, tweets with question marks and/or tweets with particular words (or a particular number of words.)
    You can be a little bossy with your social content automation too. If you use these two fields on the lower right side of the Automate screen, you can insist that a tweet must have a certain word or words in it to be pulled into your stream. 
    By default, filters only apply to keywords or hashtags being auto-published. However, by clicking this checkmark, you can apply these filters to the users being followed as well. Finally, at the bottom of the page, click "Save Filter" to save your auto-follow settings, or "Reset Filter (Default)" to undo changes you've made.   
    For example: Here we are auto-following @Scribble_Marty's tweets, but we have specified that his tweets will only be published automatically to our stream if they contain the word sandwiches.


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