Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

On Content

Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

On Content


Impactful Content = Audience Engagement

  • UGC. User-Generated Content. Inviting your audience to share and be a part of the conversation.

    It's nothing but digital goodness.

    But we all want digital peace of mind too. To know what the terms and conditions of content use are, right?

    Now you, and your audience can have exactly that.

    ScribbleLive Engage clients can now enable Rights Management settings for UGC. When this feature is enabled, your audience will be asked to read and agree to your custom "Terms & Conditions" (T&C), prior to proceeding with any of that delicious digital sharing.

    A little more about ScribbleLive's T&C feature:

    • By clicking on the "Rights Management" section on the Global Settings page, your Engage platform Admins can customize the T&C text and then activate this option 
    • The T&C text added here will appear for all associated client Streams & Pinboards that have our 'Upload' function turned ON for.
    • Once enabled, your audience will be prompted to read the Terms & Conditions and check the I agree box before they will be able to upload any content. 

    Digital content sharing peace of mind.
     Now just a few clicks away . . .

    UGC Peace of Mind, for One and All 
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